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Rant Number One 


(this was a bit longer than planned, so I’ve placed it under a ‘read more’.)

What I fail to understand about the sexuality of characters is ‘why are they all the same?

If it’s a gay male, their faceclaim is always someone who has played a gay character in their acting career (Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Grant Gustin, Mitch Hewer). Not only is it constantly the same face, but they are usually predatory gays: they hit on anything with testosterone and are constantly talking about how they are attracted to men. Not to mention, they’re always flamboyant and cheerful - it hurts me to converse with a male who has more estrogen than I do.

If the character is a lesbian, they usually use the faces of Shay Mitchell, Naya Rivera, and Heather Morris; again, these are people who have played a lesbian before. There’s always a tragic story about how their family was not understanding and kicked them out of the house/disowned them, or they’re still in the closet because they don’t want to be judged. Usually, they have that ‘I don’t give a shit about you’ attitude and walk around like they own the place.

If a character is bisexual, they always take one of two paths. Either they never really act on their attraction towards the same gender, they just mention it every now and then, or they are constantly all over the same sex and are borderline gay. If you’re interested in both genders, you need to actually show it; I want to see you flirting with boys and girls.

On the subject of bisexuals and gays, I just want to say, I’m not a fan of how accepting characters are, either. I understand that the people on tumblr are intelligent and kindhearted and great, but if you want your group to be realistic, you can’t just have everyone be alright with open gays walking around. Being a bisexual female, I can tell you now that  I never receive a positive response when I tell someone about it. People now-a-days aren’t understanding and embracing. Having people that are okay with it is fine, but if you’re going to have a roleplay with homosexual characters and you want it to be believable, then you’re going to need someone who is at least a little homophobic.

Alright, now onto my last point. Being bisexual and homosexual is great, and it happens a lot in our world, but that isn’t to say those are the only options. As a roleplayer, I have played characters who are pansexual (open to anything; they don’t even acknowledge gender), as well as asexual. Pansexual is easy to play and I don’t see why more people don’t explore it.

Asexual, on the other hand, can be extremely difficult to pull off, but having an asexual character doesn’t mean they’ll be alone forever. It just means that they aren’t attracted to anyone right away. Some asexuals aren’t completely against having romantic relationships; they just need a little push, and eventually they become attracted to someone’s personality. One thing to keep in mind though, even if you have an asexual with a romantic interest, no sex for them. Sex is always off limits for a character like that.

I think this concludes my rant. I hope it gave you some insight on my opinion.

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